January 2019
Bill & Kathy Book and Ken & Rita Otey

February 2019
Larry Blackford, Don Brake, Larry McDowell, and Rodger Parrott

March 2019
R. J. & Julie Barnard and Bryan & Barb Williams

April 2019
Tom Blythe, Daryl Page, David Elliott, and Chuck Reynolds

May 2019
Marty Cox, Tanya Gale, and Ken & Helen Miller

June 2019
Melvin & Robyn Donoho and Jim & Verla Meriwether

July 2019

Gary & Nancy Hallam  and Clifford Reever

August 2019
David Harrison, Marty Heflin, Reta Mathews, and Beth Tickner

September 2019
Kathy Cribelar, Cheryl Holmes,  and Terry Werner

October 2019
Mike & Carol Dreith and Bob & Dena Young

November 2019
Glen & Tammy Lee and Carl & Melany Sawyer

December 2019
Norma Haegele, Joe & Marlyn Harrison, and Kathy Land

If you are unable to usher/greet on any Sunday(s) in your assigned month, please find a replacement. Thank you!


April 2019–Beth Tickner

May 2019–Mike Dreith

June 2019–Mike Copeland

July 2019–Ginny Reynolds

August 2019–Dave Land

September 2019–Kathy Land

October 2019–Kathy Book

November 2019–Bill Book

December 2019–Tammy Lee

January 2020–Bryan Williams