January 2020
Bill & Kathy Book and Ken & Rita Otey

February 2020
Larry Blackford, Don Brake, Larry McDowell, and Rodger Parrott

March 2020
R. J. & Julie Barnard and Bryan & Barb Williams

April 2020
Tanya Gale, Clifford Reever, Chuck Reynolds, and Judy Wilson

May 2020
Tanya Gale, Gary Hallam, and Ken & Helen Miller

June 2020
Melvin & Robyn Donoho and Preston and Reta Mathews

July 2020

Gary & Nancy Hallam  and Clifford Reever

August 2020
David Harrison, Marty Heflin, Reta Mathews, and Beth Tickner

September 2020
Kathy Cribelar, Cheryl Holmes,  and Terry Werner

October 2020
Mike & Carol Dreith

November 2020
Glen & Tammy Lee and Carl & Melany Sawyer

December 2020
Norma Haegele and Kathy Land

If you are unable to usher/greet on any Sunday(s) in your assigned month, please find a replacement. Thank you!


January 2020–Bryan Williams

February 2020–L. D. Matthews

March 2020–Dee & Linda Monge

April 2020–Beth Tickner

May 2020–Mike Dreith

June 2020–Mike Copeland

July 2020–Ginny Reynolds

August 2020–Dave Land

September 2020–Kathy Land

October 2020–Dave Land

November 2020–Dave Land

December 2020–Tammy Lee